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Thursday, October 20, 2016

TWO !! new zines * theres a place for us (somewhere a place for us) AND * everything is OK

I have made two new zines

theres a place for us (somewhere a place for us)
is to go with the current exhibition that I made three small installations for,
The Cabinet of Wonders at the Linenhall Arts Centre , Castlebar, CoMayo.

And while I was making that one
everything is OK, 
just popped out ! the way they do when you are not looking.

Please email me for details on either zine,if you would like one or the other, or BOTH :)I have around 20 of each available.
cost ten euros (Ireland)
10euro+p&p outside of Ireland

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Impressions/BookArt exhibition International Galway Arts Festival !!!

 new unique covers made for my artist book a deeper exploration of fragility ,love and loss
ink and typewriting on old book pages
edition of ten made for the above exhibition showing during the International Galway Arts Festival 11th-26th July 2016
 simply epic fabric print, a handmade 1950's dress recently sold on my market stall.
 planing a wee trip, loving my late fathers carefully minded 1960's Paris "indispensible"map and its colours.
 esmerelda, I was making her when I got the news to get home quick to my dearest fathers bedside, thankfully I did in time.May he rest in peace, forever in our hearts.
 my favourite childrens printing set ideal for my zines and book work
detail from artist book holding a space 
 letraset and paper tape and pencil on found childs drawing, part of artists book a deeper exploration of fragility,love and loss
image from my artist book Doll Wisdom 
the original childrens encyclopedia covers that I altered for the first edition of my artist book
a deeper exploration of fragility, love and loss

Sunday, April 03, 2016

will I stay or will I go now

Hi,its hard for me to let my blog go, and that is what seems to be happening
But I dont want it to dissappear,so heres a little detail of some new work, hi if you are reading this.:)

Friday, February 12, 2016

as I walked out one cold and frosty morn....,a favourite painting,my dogs and my new work a handmade book titled * a moment in time * in the city of pollarded trees.

images ** from my walk this really inspired me and gave me so much.
The painting is an absolute favourite from my work, I have it nearby me at the moment its been talking to me :)
The bottom image is from MY CURRENT WORK IN PROGRESS.
a handmade book
*a moment in time* in the city of pollarded trees

work and life and life and work and family and friends and my dogs and frosty mornings and adventures and plans and visits and quiet.
hello if you come here to visit,do leave a comment.
I will be doing something special with the old glass bottles

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

quietly,gingerely stepping into the new year

Hi folks,details from my ongoing work, slowly and surely,just want to keep going drawing forever !! OR as long as I can.
I will have a stall at the Brocante this Sunday 17th Jan 11am-5pm